Client Services Associate

The role of the Client Services Associate is to provide timely and responsive Client Services that are within our professional capabilities.  The successful candidate will serve as the primary point of contact with clients and will work with the Accounting and Legal Department team members to perform services.


The responsibilities of the position include:

• Serve as primary point of contact with Clients
• Work with Clients to pay family bills, develop annual spending budgets and supervise monetary affairs so spending remains within budget
• Supervise the house manager, if any, and monitor their leadership skills for work with household staff, including submission of necessary time records
• Strengthen the effectiveness of the Client Services Department by writing policies and procedures specifically needed for Client Services

Background and Work Experience

• Bachelor’s degree with high academic achievement
• Social Worker experience helpful
• Three to four years’ experience with management of family affairs or similar experience with a family office would be helpful but is not a necessity

Other Desirable Attributes

• Proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel
• Ability to review bank statements and other financial records
• Makes positive first impression

Other Desirable Attributes

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