Internal Auditor

The role of the Internal Audit Function is to provide high quality audit services to Parkwood, its related entities and its clients. As the internal auditor you will be exposed to all facets of this dynamic organization. The knowledge and experience gained by this individual has historically resulted in a career path leading into positions of significantly greater responsibility.

The Internal Auditor is responsible for planning and performing internal audits to ensure that Parkwood maintains a strong internal control environment. As such, the successful candidate will have frequent contact with senior management and will have a direct relationship with the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. 

Duties & Responsibilities

Day-to-day responsibilities include the following areas:

  • Working with the Director of Internal Audit to annually review the internal control risk assessment of each of the company’s transaction cycles and working with senior leadership to keep the assessment current as new functions/transactions are added or others are changed.
  • Working with the Director of Internal Audit to prepare, based on the risk assessment, the annual audit plan that is presented to senior management and the Audit Committee for approval.
  • Planning and performing internal audits on all business processes throughout the organization. The internal audits are intended to verify the accuracy of the underlying transactions, assess the design of the established control structure and test the operation of these controls.
  • Serving in a consultative role on a number of internal committees, the candidate will be exposed to strategic and tactical initiatives while in the development phases. The role of internal audit is to identify and assess business risks and to evaluate and improve the underlying business processes and internal controls while contributing to the identification of ways to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operations.
  • Preparing and communicating all audit findings and recommendations as well as any other matters to senior management and the Audit Committee.
  • Coordinating the financial statement audit efforts of Parkwood Trust Company with the Company’s independent auditors and assisting the independent auditors in performing audit procedures.

Specific Work Experience & Background Desired

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a high GPA
  • High academic achievement
  • 2-5 years audit experience, external or internal
  • High proficiency using Microsoft Excel

Other Desirable Attributes

  • Financial services experience
  • CPA

Other Desirable Attributes

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